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Join the global reading movement that's helping families to achieve great results in building unity in their homes and within their communities with Yvonne Brooks Books.
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Are you ready to go beyond religious theories about living a more conscious life?
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Who is Yvonne Brooks?

International Philanthropist, Investor, Author and Speaker

Yvonne Brooks has donated millions of dollars over the past 30 years providing meals, hygiene kits and educational resources to families in need worldwide. Through Ms. Brooks' worldwide impact in partnership with many nonprofit organizations, she is on track to providing clean water to thousands of families daily
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Photo of Tabitha Christopher
I am so STOKED and grateful to have met Ms. Yvonne Brooks when I did! I am so thankful she doesn’t hold back in sharing about the power of God and why He is the way, the truth and the life!

Tabitha Christopher

Portrait of YasminS
Ms. Brooks helped me with other kids to build our self-esteem. Within a years time, she gave me the opportunity to write a book with her. Our book is called “Emotional Banking For Kids.

Yasmin Soferi

Photo of Jennifer Dion
Mrs. Brooks has this way of really listening to you and figuring out who you are and things that maybe you think are weakness but they are actually strengths.

Jennifer Dion

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