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Yvonne Brooks

Empowering Families to Live Life More Abundantly
Portrait of Yvonne Brooks

Yvonne Brooks is known worldwide for her bestselling books as a resource for families to overcome the ups and downs of life. She understands the pain and suffering related to family afflictions. As a young child, Yvonne was prepared to deal with rejection, abandonment and shame.

Although Yvonne felt alone while being traumatized during this time in her life, she always heard the voice of God directing her toward safety. The safety she felt allowed her to overcome the rejection, shame and abandonment she experienced as a child.

Since then Yvonne has been a safety for many experiencing the same afflictions as her younger self. She is currently in such high demand as a spiritual strategist in more than one area. These areas include family empowerment, abundant living, and how to raise your money vibration.

With over 30 years of experience, she has published books such as, “Financial Abuse” and “The Invisible Advantage” to help contribute the knowledge and truth that has set many free. Yvonne is also a co-owner of Feel Good Jamaican Food restaurant, Jerk Wings Cafe, located in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit www.JerkWingsCafeCa.com.

If you are a parent who is serious about learning how to increase your family’s spiritual and emotional capacity to live life more abundantly, please contact Yvonne for your personal blueprint via online to achieve that goal.

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